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Increasing reporting on human trafficking in Sierra Leone
CenHTRO $2.2M Labor Trafficking Southern Africa
CenHTRO Anti-Trafficking Impact in Sierra Leone between April and June 2022


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TIP Report QandA


New Sierra Leone Anti-Trafficking Project Assists Survivors and Prosecutes Traffickers


Fulbright Award Helps UGA Researcher Improve Outcomes of Child Trafficking Survivors in Sierra Leone


Sex Trafficking in Senegal


All Hands on Deck: Combatting Human Trafficking in Sierra Leone Requires Top-down and Bottom-up Strategies


Field Report: CenHTRO Visits the Kharakhena Gold Mining Community in Senegal


CenHTRO Engages Community Leaders in Sierra Leone to Build Anti-Trafficking Sustainability


CenHTRO Launches Anti-Trafficking Programs in Senegal


New Anti-Trafficking Bill Passes Sierra Leone Parliament


New Sierra Leone Think Tank To Build Sustainable Anti-Trafficking Impact


CenHTRO Hosts Georgia-Based Human Trafficking Researchers For Virtual Symposium


CenHTRO Builds Capacity of Sierra Leone Implementing Partner World Hope International


CenHTRO Strengthens Anti-Trafficking Stakeholder and Partner Relationships in Sierra Leone


David Okech on Combatting Human Trafficking


High Number of Sierra Leone Children Experience Trafficking Before 18th Birthday


Watch: Foundations of Human Trafficking Course at UGA


CenHTRO Announces Release of Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022-26


Faculty Seed Grants


CenHTRO helps 9 survivors in Kambia