Welcome to the African Programming and Research Initiative to End Slavery (APRIES)

Housed at the University of Georgia, APRIES comprises researchers at the University of Georgia (US) and the University of Liverpool (UK). Our collaborators include the ResilientAfrica Network at Makerere University in Uganda.

APRIES Project to End Slavery and Human Trafficking in Africa.
The fishing industry is a significant source of employment in Sierra Leone. In the capital city, Freetown, a floating power plant, seen above, is used to stabilize national electricity shortages.

As part of our theory of change, we recognize that modern slavery is a complex, multi-sector social problem that no single entity can tackle alone.  We believe that survivors’ voices are essential in prosecution, protection, prevention, and policy for successful anti-human trafficking efforts. Therefore, we use a Collective Impact approach in researching, programming, and policy intervention to achieve the common goal of measurably reducing modern day slavery in selected regions.

Estimating the prevalence of people experiencing modern day slavery in Sub-Saharan Africa is challenging due to locating the hard to reach populations and limited methodological approaches to accurately measure the problem.

Our mission is to better understand the complex system of modern slavery and take action for policy and best practices to prevent and end slavery.

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